Lykke Li – “Gunshot” video

From Lykke Li’s (@lykkeli) newest album, titled I Never Learn, watch the music video for her song “Gunshot”.

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Ugly Heroes - “Naysayers & Playmakers”

Ugly Heroes – “Naysayers & Playmakers”

Ugly Heroes (@UglyHeroes) will be following their 2013 self-titled LP with a self-titled EP, due for release on August 19th, via Mello Music Group. It will feature 5 new songs (including a feature from MURS) and 4 bonus track b-sides, for a total of 9 songs.

Have you heard their first single “Naysayers & Playmakers,” yet? Over Apollo Brown‘s hard-knocking boom bap beat and a powerful soul looped…

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Moteleola - “Thank You Life” (ft Lafayette Stokely, Has-Lo, Tre DeJean & Chakkra Tara)

Moteleola – “Thank You Life” (ft Lafayette Stokely, Has-Lo, Tre DeJean & Chakkra Tara)

South London-based producer Moteleola dropped a track from his forthcoming album, titled Oasis Black, due out this winter. “Thank You Life” features Lafayette Stokley, Has-Lo, Tre DeJean, and Chakkra Tara. Over a soulful, boom bap beat, the group of rappers show their gratitude for life, despite the ups and downs. Stream now.

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Marz Léon - “Fire”

Marz Léon – “Fire”

I already shared Marz Léon‘s (@marzxleon) debut song, and I’m back with her second single. Titled “Fire,” her warm, calming vocals float across a slow-burning, downtempo beat, as she sings about misguided feelings between two people. “You speak words of ‘I Love You,’ but you fuck like you hate me,” she softly sings. The song was co-produced with High x Land. Stream below!

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IV ROX: I’m Better Than You’re Girl

IV ROX: I’m Better Than You’re Girl

IV ROX(@IVROX)  is a quartet of from London and Essex who have  caught my ear with their creative spin on Mya’s Case Of The EX. The girls, (Raquel, Natalie, Dolly and Nadine) debuted  in April with the video for the track and, thanks to their strong vocals and charismatic personalities, they’ve amassed an impressive international fan base. Their latest release is an upbeat pop track called “I’m…

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Tove Styrke - “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You” video

Tove Styrke – “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You” video

Tove Styrke (pronounced To-vey Steer-keh) is a Swedish pop artist, and she’s no new-comer to the scene. Having released a self-titled album in 2010, the Stockholm-based singer released a music video for her latest single, “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking To You“.

Produced by Calle Ask (who also co-wrote the song) with additional production by Johan T Karlsson, Tove unleashes a sharp…

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SOUNDCHECK: Andrea Sanchez

I stumbled upon Andrea Sanchez’s (@Andreuyaa) soundcloud last night and it was a case of pure serendipity. I’d actually saw her picture on a Pinterest hair board and clicked through to her instagram where she listed her soundcloud. So out of curiosity I clicked and fell in love with her beautiful and unique voice.  The French singer and model has various covers and features on her soundcloud…

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Jonwayne - “On”

Jonwayne – “On”

“On” is the second song in Jonwayne‘s (@jonwayne) Wayniac Monday series. He spits ferocious rhymes with a sharp tongue and is “cutting records like Master Shredder” on the self-produced track. Stream and download for free.

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Jonwayne - “No”

Jonwayne – “No”

Jonwayne (@Jonwayne) will be dropping a rap song every Monday until he doesn’t feel like it anymore. He kicked it off last week with a song called “No”. Rapping over a Jay Dee beat, the song finds him fighting the negative criticism against him with humor and confidence in his own lyrical ability, and, boy, is he good! Take a listen and look out for the second track shortly.

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Homeboy Sandman - “America, The Beautiful”

Homeboy Sandman – “America, The Beautiful”

Last week, Queens emcee Homeboy Sandman dropped a new single from his sophomore album, titled Hallways, due out this September via Stones Throw. Produced by Jonwayne, “America, The Beautiful” finds Homeboy Sandman sharing a positive perspective on our country by letting everyone know that the grass is still pretty green over here. “Okay, the streets aren’t paved with gold // At least they paved…

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